The Corrections

The Troubled Teen Industry (TTI) is a multibillion dollar industry claiming to modify socially undesirable adolescent behavior. Although widespread abuse and death within TTI programs have been reported for decades, the industry remains largely unknown to the public and almost entirely unregulated. It is only recently, through survivor-led action, that the world is starting to pay attention. 

“The Corrections” presents a group of female artists who draw upon their first-hand experiences in the TTI to expose the inner workings of this shadowy industry. Viewed collectively they share overarching themes: community dislocation, identity erasure, and the struggle to reintegrate in normative society after a period of prolonged captivity.

“The Corrections” confronts our centuries-old legacy of weaponizing social constructions of abnormality to hold female bodies captive and “correct” their behavior. Viewers are faced with uncomfortable truths about society’s ongoing use of surveillance, confinement, and forced community removal. The exhibition is a form of activism, empowering survivors to resist the institutions designed to silence them. It is also a celebration of their resiliency and dedication to fight this carceral system to protect future generations.

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Exhibition Information

On view May 20 - June 30

The Foundry

Point Gallery, 2nd floor

101 Rogers St

Cambridge, MA 02142

Participating artists: Arlis Mroczek, Belle Lopes, and Sam Fein 

Exhibition support from ApexArt

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