The End Is the Beginning Is the End

Throughout history, flood myths have existed in global cultures. In addition to the Judeo-Christain telling of Noah's Ark, flood myths can be found within Hindu, Buddhist, and Aztec traditions–to name a few. Collectively, these stories tell about a catastrophic flood that signaled the end of humanity. However, flood myths also recount the ingenious ways in which human beings maintained their survival and civilization was reborn.

The End is the Beginning is the End is a site-specific installation that speaks to the interconnected nature of life and death, the rebirth that forms in the wake of destruction. While acknowledging the loss and tragedy of the present moment, this exhibition also invites viewers to remember the resiliency of the human spirit. While many long-standing systems and institutions are crumbling, I offer the possibility that we can rebuild stronger than before.

Images courtesy Shelter in Place Gallery